Need a new brick feature, chimney, or fireplace in your Austin, TX, area home? A Team Home Services professional masonry services can help you design, build, and finish structures made of brick, cement, marble, stone, and more. Let our team of seasoned experts assist you when picking and installing the right material at the right price for your masonry project or access and perform repairs on cracked or deteriorated masonry structures.

What Does a Mason Do?

A mason is skilled in a specialized trade that includes installing, building, and replacing specific materials—such as brick, cement, marble, or stone—to help their clients design structures like fireplaces or brick pathways. To become a certified mason, most people train through an apprenticeship for four to six years or shadow a licensed, tenured mason or craftsperson.

What Are the Most Common Types of Masonry Materials?

Depending on what type of project you would like to tackle in your home, here are some of the most common types of masonry materials:

Brick Masonry
Bricks are lightweight compared to other masonry materials and easy to transport, adhere to several different types of mortar—a paste that glues masonry materials together—and are more affordable than stones or concrete blocks. Brick masonry is more vulnerable to damage than stone or concrete. You can always call one of our expert masons at A Team Home Services to help you decide which type of mason materials best fits you and your home project.

Concrete Masonry
Concrete masonry is durable and resistant to mold, fire, insects, and the weather. Concrete is easy to find and comes in a vast collection of colors, finishes, and sizes to help meet any home project requirements. While concrete is heavy and sometimes difficult to handle, it is great for insulating against heat, moisture, and noise.

Stone Masonry
Stone masonry is the most durable masonry material you can find for your next home project. It has outstanding strength, is weather-resistant, and has endless stylistic choices, as stone masonry comes in a huge selection of colors, sizes, and textures. Stonework takes time to carefully arrange and place as it is thick and heavy, but A Team Home Services masonry services will work with you to get the job done on time without compromising quality work.

Veneer Masonry
Veneer masonry is a cosmetic type of masonry and can be constructed of concrete, steel, or wood. Most brick houses in the Austin, TX, area are made of veneer masonry, as it is more affordable and easier to construct. The greatest benefit of using veneer masonry is the wide array of design options you can choose from.

What Are the Most Common Types of Masonry Services?

Masonry services use blocks, bricks, pavers, stone, and other products for structural, chimney, and architectural applications. They can include features like driveways, fire pits, fireplaces, foundations, pool decks, outdoor living spaces, walkways, and other structures made of blocks, bricks, and stones.When it comes to interior design, masons are known to spruce up home projects like brick stairs, brick and stone veneers, fireplace veneers, glass walls, glazed brick, and other specialized features customized to your Austin, TX, area home. Masons are also commonly known for their work with cultured stone, flagstone, and stamped concrete. A Team Home Services masonry skill set and services offer:

  • Brick work and caulking
  • Chimney construction
  • Chimney repair
  • Concrete work
  • Concrete paving
  • Masonry preservation and restoration
  • Mortar repair
  • Sealant application
  • Waterproofing

Are Masons Skilled in Helping Design My Home Project?

Most masons are design experts too, and A Team Home Services specializes in helping you design every fine detail included in your next home project that could benefit from our masonry services.

Masonry Repairs
Regular masonry repairs and restoration are necessary to spot minor issues before they become a bigger issue for your entire mason-based structure. Here are three examples of when it may be time to invest in a masonry-related repair:

Bulging bricks
When moisture starts to enter your brick masonry and affect the backing, the bricks will get pushed and start to bulge in your structure. This is most common in areas that endure colder climates, but if your bricks start to bulge, you will need one of A Team Home Services mason professionals to remove the affected bricks, repair the damage, and lay new bricks.

Cracked Bricks
Cracks in your brick or stone structures naturally happen over time and should be filled to prevent leaks. If you notice an abnormally large crack in your bricks, call one of A Team Home Services masonry professionals to inspect the cracked bricks and ensure that your structure is still safe and intact.

Deteriorated Mortar
Most brick or masonry walls will need mortar repairs every 15-25 years. It is important to keep your masonry structure intact and quickly replace deteriorating or buckling seen in mortar on your Austin, TX, area home. Mortaring is a specialized skill set, and it is important that you team up with one of our masonry service people to help restore your brick structure back to its original state.

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