Home Additions

Home Additions.
Home Additions.

Is your current Austin, TX, home still meeting your lifestyle needs, or could you benefit from having more space? Whether you are looking to expand an entertaining area or add a home office, A Team Home Services home addition services can help you plan, design, construct, and complete upscale, stunning space additions for you and your loved ones to create core memories in for many years to come.

What Kind of Questions Should I Ask Myself When Planning a Home Addition?

It is important to ask yourself these kinds of questions before you hire help, buy materials, or start demolition on the space you want to add to:

  • Why am I adding to this space?
  • Do I need more room for guests or entertaining?
  • Do I need to hire professional general contracting services to complete my home addition?
  • Does this project have to be completed by a certain time?
  • How much money am I willing to spend on this home addition project?
  • Have I thought about paint, design features, and other cosmetic additions that I want to include in my home addition?
  • Should I add to this space or remodel it entirely? Learn more about A Team Home Services’s home remodeling services.
  • What is my budget?
  • Will this home addition add value to my home?

What Types of Spaces or Additions Are an Option for My Austin, TX, Home?

There are a variety of room additions that are available with A Team Home Services, and our reliable home addition service experts will help ask the right questions when considering one of these types of popular home additions:

Why Should I Consider a Home Addition Instead of Buying a New House?

Some Austin, TX, area homeowners often go back and forth on if they have outgrown their home and if that means it is time to move. A Team Home Services encourages you to think outside the box—or room in this case—as it may be better to add on to your home instead of spending ample time and money on trying to sell and buy a larger home. If you choose to build a home addition, A Team Home Services’s home renovation professionals can help you:

  • Avoid the cost and hassle of moving.
  • Fall in love with your home space while not having to leave your neighborhood.
  • Increase your property value.
  • Redesign your space to your tailored needs and preferences.

Simply put, a home addition will cost far less, save you time, and alleviate the stress of moving. You can confidently place your trust in A Team Home Services’s general contracting services for your customized home addition.

What Are the Benefits of Adding a New Space to My Home?

A new home addition has the potential to be a wonderful investment into your home and, in return, will improve your home value with your upgrade(s). Home additions and renovations give you the freedom to add features and rooms that a future homeowner will pay extra for if you decide to ever put your house on the market for sale. Plus, the immediate benefits of a home addition or renovation can include the following:

  • Add storage for all of your possessions
  • Add a little luxury to a bathroom, walk-in closet, or other space
  • Add luxurious features to bathrooms, closets, kitchens, and more
  • Allow for hosting extra family members in a larger space
  • Provide you the opportunity of renting the new, extra space for secondary income

How Do I Know If I Could Use an Addition to My Home?

Do you have any issues or concerns in your home today that could be solved if A Team Home Services helped you add more space to your home?

Will you have future needs, desires, and must-haves for your home that you currently do not have?
Is any room in your home area outdated or damaged?

If the answer is yes to one of these three questions, our team of trustworthy craftspeople can help guide you as we plan, design, and build upon your home. There is a tremendous amount of home addition projects that can help you add space for bathrooms, entertaining and hosting, storage, working, relaxing—whatever, really! Whatever your current and future needs are for additional space, A Team Home Services's home addition services will solve what is lacking in your home and optimize your living quarters to your liking.

Why Should I Hire A Team Home Services for My Home Addition Instead of Doing It Myself?

Even if you consider yourself a handy person, sometimes pursuing a do-it-yourself (DIY) project is not the best option and, in some cases, could be dangerous if you are not a trained or licensed general contracting professional.

A Team Home Services has vast expertise and knowledge for all of your home renovation needs, and while you may not need professional help for smaller jobs, A Team Home Services recommends hiring a handy serviceperson through us if you are planning on adding an entire space or home. Our industry-leading professionals at A Team Home Services will help put your mind at ease by:

  • Acting as a liaison between you and the city when seeking a permit or approval during inspection.
  • Guaranteeing your project is done right the first time and on time.
  • Supervising and taking leadership over your project.
  • Working in an agile manner on multiple stages of the project to optimize efficiency and complete your project quickly.

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