Are you looking for a skilled, reliable carpenter for your next project in your Austin, TX, area home? A Team Home Services provides professional exterior and interior carpentry services that are both equally affordable and well-made. No matter which space you are looking to update or add woodwork to in your home, carpentry services from A Team Home Services can make your dream a reality.

What Kind of Skills Does a Carpenter Have?

Carpenters can create, fix, or install structures with timber-based materials for projects that include, but are not limited to, indoor and outdoor work for decks, cabinets, walls, flooring, doors, and more.

The Most Common Types of Carpentry

There are many different types of carpentry projects you can take on to enhance your home, but these are some of the most common kinds:

  • Cabinet Carpentry is a type of carpentry that centers around cabinet construction for kitchens, bathrooms, or additional storage space.
  • Trim Carpentry is a type of carpentry that focuses on crafting decorative woodwork like baseboards or door and window crown moldings.
  • Rough Carpentry is a type of carpentry that involves building floors, walls, decks, and roof structures with the use of rough materials.
  • Finish Carpentry is a type of carpentry that involves adding finishing touches to a structure or room, such as moldings, window trim, door trim, or creating custom woodwork.
  • Custom Carpentry is a type of carpentry that includes, but is not limited to, projects like cabinets, shelving, and mantels built with your customized specifications for your home.

What Are Some Common Exterior Carpentry Services?

Some of the most popular exterior carpentry services we offer at A Team Home Services include the following:

Deck Construction and Repair

Adding a deck or patio to your home is perfect for entertaining on cooler evenings or watching the sunrise with your favorite cup of coffee. A Team Home Services is dedicated to creating long-lasting spaces that you will never want to leave. With our expertise, we can construct top-quality wood decks that add equity and value to your home.

Normal wear and tear is not out of the ordinary with outdoor decking, but when you see signs of rotting wood or loose boards in your deck, we recommend reaching out to an A Team Home Services professional who can inspect any damage and recommend the best solution for your repair.

Here are a few different types of damage we see with wood decks that could benefit from an inspection by our A Team Home Services professionals:

  • Rotting wood
  • Cracked or loose deck boards
  • Peeling paint on deck boards
  • Deck separating or gapping from your home

Fence Installation and Repair

Fencing helps mark your property lines, allows for privacy from your neighbors and traffic, keeps your children and pets in an enclosed area, and increases the overall value of your home. An A Team Home Services professional can install, build, paint, stain, or repair a collection of different types of fencing, including:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Chain link
  • Security fencing
  • Wrought iron

A Team Home Services recommends scheduling regular maintenance on your fencing to prevent damage down the road, but here are our top three tips to keep your fence looking great year-round:

  • Monitor the boards so they do not contact the ground with your wood fence to help reduce moisture damage.
  • Remove flaking or peeling paint on wood fences, and then refinish the board.
  • Repair broken or loose boards and posts to prevent injuries.

The most common types of repairs performed on wood fences are panel or slat replacements and moisture damage repairs. Wood fences sometimes warp and bend over time, requiring panels or slats to be realigned. Replacing hinges or additional hardware on fencing is common too.

How Do I Know If I Need to Repair or Replace My Fence?

A Team Home Services recommends that if you need to repair more than 30 percent of your fence, installing an entirely new fence will give you more for your dollar and helps you invest in your home value.

Handrail and Stairs Installation

Stairs or handrails can ensure safety for every member of your household—inside and outside of your home. No matter what shape or structure style you use for your staircase, A Team Home Services is here to craft, inspect, and repair any style of stairs, including traditional wooden stairs.

From constructing deck stairs and front porch stoops to fixing creaky or broken stair treads, we have the tools and expertise to serve you and your needs efficiently. We have expertise in restoring stairs and ladders for your attic too.

What Are Some Common Interior Carpentry Services?

Here is a list of the many interior carpentry services we offer at A Team Home Services:

Crown Molding Installation and Repair

If you are looking to add a more refined or crisp styling to the interior of your home while simultaneously adding value to your property, crown molding is a great option and investment in your home.

A Team Home Services can help add to the aesthetics of your residence with traditional or modern crown molding—we can help you choose what suits your style best. Crown molding is most commonly made from wood materials, but you can choose other manufactured finishes, such as polyurethane or vinyl.

Crown molding can sometimes take a beating with dents, scrapes, or stains in high foot traffic areas of your home. Some common types of crown molding repairs include:

  • Repainting the trim
  • Refinishing scratches or dents
  • Using drywall mud to fill holes
  • Using caulk to fill gaps

Cracks, loose trim, and peeling paint are also common examples of damage that could benefit from a repair service from A Team Home Services. An A Team Home Services professional will conduct a thorough and complete inspection to help you address the issue and then quickly provide a solution for your damages.

Cabinet Installation

From wood and molding to paint and stain selections, A Team Home Services will help you throughout the entire design process when building custom cabinetry to create your most ideal, personalized storage system.

Door Installation

Whether you are installing a new door to match the design of your home or are in need of a repair, A Team Home Services's door installation services can help add value to your home with more curb appeal and energy efficiency in your home. Call us today to repair or install interior doors, exterior doors, closet doors, French doors, sliding barn doors, and more.

Mantel Installation

Mantels of all shapes and sizes are both functional and add decorative flair to the framework of your fireplace in your home. A Team Home Services provides reliable, exceptional workmanship when it comes to mantel carpentry.

Shelving Installation

Contact A Team Home Services today for more information on our shelving installation to keep every space in your home well-organized!

Wall Installation and Repair

Contact A Team Home Services today for more information on our wall installation and repair services!

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